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How people with disability are portrayed on a television series about.

All of these have come up for me and it can be really had to work through." In February 2016, Scope, a UK based disability charity, ran a poll asking 500 people if they'd ever dated a person with disability. Furthermore, previous research from Scope found eht out of 10 respondents had never invited a disabled person on a social outing, and almost half of the British public had never spoken to a disabled person. It's no wonder dating for people with a disability is so hard!

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Charlotte's apprehension and discomfort is understandable because it's being filmed for TV, but it mht also be because of Johnny's disability. Lots of people were up for chatting to me, seeing me naked (via sending pictures) but when it came to dates and hook ups in person, the conversation suddenly came to a halt", Marrinon says.

How people with disability are portrayed on a television series about.

The Undateables people with a learning disability and relationships.

"Once, I was talking to this lady online for a good three months and when I asked her where she thought this was going and if she would consider taking it further, her response was a bit shocking. How are you even going to run me a bath and massage my back?

TV show The Undateables simply 'exploits people with disabilities.

” People often think about how our disability will inconvenience them, rather than even considering whether a relationship will work.

Uk dating show disabilities:

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